ThyssenKrupp Elevator Canada

ThyssenKrupp Elevator is the world’s premier manufacturer, installer and service provider of vertical and horizontal transportation technology. With 30,000 people in over 60 countries, speaking more than 20 languages and sharing a common goal, we are the recognized global leader in technology, quality and customer satisfaction. We develop and supply elevators, escalators and moving walks – solutions that represent the cutting edge. Our systems transport people in many of the world’s most modern and exciting buildings – from major airports to large shopping malls, from the world’s largest office buildings to the most famous and luxurious hotels. We are committed to delivering the best technology and quality to every single customer in a customized solution – on time, every time, everywhere.  Trust ThyssenKrupp.

The challenge for the Canadian elevator industry typically revolves around the vast geography and the lower number of large urban centres compared to the United States to justify dedicated technical support services, spare parts, R&D, and manufacturing capabilities within the country. ThyssenKrupp has overcome this obstacle through a corporate commitment to Canada. Our rapid growth over the past five (5) years, and our overall level of profitability in Canada has justified this significant financial commitment to such a geographically challenged country.

Commitment to the Canadian marketplace is highlighted by the fact that ThyssenKrupp Elevator is the only major elevator company to own and operate both its manufacturing and R&D facilities in Canada and explains why we dominate the new construction market with nearly 60% of all the new installations. In total, there are 58 office locations in Canada providing service coverage to more than 28,000 elevators and escalators across the country.

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